Library Schools
by Brie F.

Following is information on Master’s programs in Library and Information Science. Resources include: general information on library schools, lists and loctions of programs accredited by the American Library Association (ALA), guidelines for choosing a school, information on choosing a specialty, a perspective on cost, information about online programs, and library school rankings.

General Information on Library Schools:

American Library Association
General review of librarian education.

WikiSpaces: LibrarySchool FAQ
FAQ’s about library school.
Article, "How to Become a Librarian."

Wikipedia: Master of Library and Information Science
Definition of Master of Science in Library and Information Science.

Wikipedia: Education for Librarianship
Overview of education for librarianship.

ALA-accredited Master’s Programs:

American Library Association
Directory of accredited programs at colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

American Library Association
Google map of ALA-accredited programs.

Guidelines for Choosing a School:

American Library Association
Guidelines for choosing a Master's program.

American Library Association
How to choose a library school.

American Library Association
Accreditation standards, policies, and procedures.

Choosing a Specialty:

Library students may choose from a number of specialties or concentrations, depending on their program's offerings. Concentration subjects may include School Media, Rare Books and Special Collections, Archives and Records Management, Informatics, and Digital Technology. Prospective students should research careers related to each concentration to decide if a particular concentration is right for them.


Costs for obtaining a graduate degree in library science differ widely by institution. Prospective students should investigate tuition costs and other fees, as well as special features that one program may offer over another, before choosing a school.

Online Programs:

A number of graduate schools offer their library and information science programs online. Prospective students should consult the ALA Directory of Accredited Programs as a starting point for researching online programs.

Library School Rankings:

U.S. News and World Report
Ranking of Library and Information Studies programs.