Awards for Librarians
by: Nicholas Grasso.

Below are links to awards given out by associations that recognize librarians from all specialties for their dedication to the field.

Awards for School, Arts or Public Librarians:

Arts Libraries Society of North America -
This site has awards for members of the Art Libraries Society of North America. There are 19 awards listed on the page. Under each award is a description of the award along with a link to application or nomination procedures, past winners and guidelines. Most of the awards provide cash awards ranging from $750 to $1,000. Unfortunately, there are some awards listed that will not give awards 2010.

Association of Jewish Libraries Life Membership Award -
This award requires a membership to the Association of Jewish Libraries. This award is given to a librarian who gives outstanding effort and dedication to their profession. It is awarded at the national convention for Jewish libraries. The award page lists contact information to nomate someone for the award as well as a list of past winners.

H.W. Wilson – John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award -
This award is given by the H.W. Wilson company and honors outstanding library public relations. The winner receives a $5,000 grant from H.W. Wilson. There are links on the page for eligibility requirements, the entry form and entry information as well as an overview of the competition process and rules.

Public Library Association Awards Page –
The Public Library Association has 6 awards listed on their page that librarians can win. These are the Allie Beth Martin Award, Charlie Robinson award, EBSCO Excellence in Small and/or Rural Public Library Service Award, Gordon M. Conable Award, Highsmith Library Innovation Award and Polaris Innovation in Technology John Iliff Award. Each award listed on the page has a page dedicated to it with a detailed description of what the award is given for, cash prize if applicable, eligibility requirements, selection criteria, past winners and the nomination application.

Romance Writers of America Librarian of the Year Award -
This award is given out by the Romance Writers of America and recognizes a librarian who shows outstanding support for romance authors and the romance genre. The nominee must be a member of the Romance Writers of America. There is a link to the nomination form as well as contact information to the Romance Writers of America if you have questions about the nomination process.

Theatre Library Association Awards Page -
The Theatre Library Association gives out 2 awards to librarians. One is the Distinguished Achievement in Service and Support of Performing Arts Libraries Award which honors a TLA member who has supported and and enriched others by their love of their profession along with the performing arts. The other award is the Honorary Membership award which is given by the board of directors of the Theatre Library Association to a person who has shown longstanding dedication to the Theatre Library Association.

Awards for Medical, Law, Reference and Business Librarians:

American Association of Law Librarians Awards Page -
These are awards available to members of the American Association of Law Librarians. There are 16 awards listed on the page. Some of the awards listed include the AALL/LexisNexis Call for Papers Award, Emerging Leader Award, Innovations in Technology Award, Volunteer Service Award and the New Product Award. Each award listed has a link to a separate page which has a description of the award, categories of the award if multiple winners can awarded, eligibility requirements, entry forms, entry deadlines, judging criteria and where to send nominations.

Awards Page of the Engineering Libraries Division of the American Society for Engineering Education. -
These are awards given by the Engineering Libraries division of the American Society of Engineering education. There are 5 awards listed on the page: The Homer I. Bernhardt Distinguished Service Award, Best Publication Award, Best Reference Work Award, Best Poster Award and the ASEE National Conference and PIC IV Awards. With the exception of the Homer I. Bernhardt Distinguished Service Award and Best Poster Award you need to be a member of the Engineering Libraries Division to qualify to win an award. A detailed description of each award is given on the page. None of the awards list a cash prize with the actual award.

Medical Library Association Awards -
These are awards given out to members of the Medical Library Association. On this page a total of 19 award are available for Medical librarians to win. The application and nomination forms for each award are listed next to the award in PDF and RTF formats. The only award that has a cash amount with it is the Carla J. Funk Governmental Relations Award. Awards for volunteer service, academic medical librarianship, community relations and public service are just some of the types of awards given out by the MLA.

Primary Source Awards -
These awards are given out by the Center for Research Libraries. Nominees must be members of the Center for Research Libraries and must present documentation of their research. The selection committee consists of 9 members with expertise in collection development, technology, bibliography and various other skills. There are 3 awards given out; the Primary Source Award in Research, the Primary Source Award in Teaching and the Primary Source award in Access. Each award has a detailed "award criteria" page which gives the guidelines the committee has when picking a winner.

RUSA Awards –
RUSA is a division of the American Library Association and stands for Reference and User Service Association. They offer 16 awards on their award page. All of the awards listed on the page have detailed descriptions on what the award is given for as well as any cash prize that goes along with the award. Each award title has a link to a page which lists previous winners as well as how to nominate an individual for the award.

SLA Awards –
These are awards given by the Special Library Association. There are 10 awards listed on the page, however only 9 of them will be given out in 2010. The awards listed include The Dow Jones Leadership Award, Fellow of SLA, SLA Hall of Fame, J.J. Keller Innovations in Technology Award, John Colton Dana Award, Dialog Member Achievement Award, SLA Presidential Citations, Rose L. Vormelker Award and the SLA Rising Star Award presented by J.J. Keller. The SLA Professional Award won't be given in 2010. Each award listed above has a detailed description along with the cash prize if there is one listed with the award.

General Librarianship Awards:

ALA Awards Page -
These are awards given to members of the American Library Association. They have awards listed that are given out by EBSCO, ProQuest, OCLC, LexisNexis among many others. There are 38 various awards under the Book, Print and Media section and 16 awards available under the Youth Media awards section, although some of the awards in the Youth Media section are also available in the Book, Print and Media Section. Many of these awards are well known such as the John Newbery medal.

I Love My Librarian Award -
This award is given out by the American Library Association with support from Carnegie Corporation of New York and The New York Times. Nominees can be public, college or school librarians. Each nominee must be a librarian with a master’s degree from a program accredited by the ALA. The award is given to up to 10 librarians annually and they receive a $5,000 cash award, plaque, and a $500 travel stipend to attend the award reception. The winners are selected by a committee with representatives from academic, public and school librarians along with representatives from the Carnegie Corporation and The New York Times.

Library Journal Awards -
These are awards are given out by the publication Library Journal. There are 4 awards that are available to librarians. They are Library of The Year, Librarian of the Year, Best Small Library in America and Movers & Shakers which awards emerging leaders in librarianship. Each award listed has its own page with information on how to nominate a person or library for an award, the prize or prizes each award has, what criteria each nominee will be judged on and eligibility requirements.

New York Librarian Awards:

Joseph F. Shubert Library Excellence Award -
This award is given out by the New York State Regents Advisory Council, EBSCO Information Services and Friends of New York State Library. The award recognizes an extraordinary achievement by a library in New York that improves the quality of service to its users and makes a difference in its community. The 2009 award included a $1,000 prize which was supplied by EBSCO. There is no information yet of the 2010 award. There was a 3 person committee that chose the winner.

New York Chapter of the Special Libraries Association -
This page lists the awards given out by the New York chapter of the Special Libraries Association. Only members of the New York Chapter of the Special Library Association are eligible to win these awards. There are 3 awards listed on the page: the Distinguished Service Award, Outstanding Achievement Award and President's Award. There aren't any nomination forms or qualifications listed to win any of these awards listed, just a biography of the most current recipient of each award.

New York Library Association Awards and Scholarships Page -
This page has a list of award available to librarians who are members of the New York Library Association. There are 5 awards listed on the page, 2 of these are for current librarians. One is The NYLA Dewey Fellowship Award which requires 5 or more years of experience as a librarian, accomplishment in the library profession and involvement in the library community. To be nominated you need to be nominated by a section of the NYLA. The award gives money to cover some costs of the NYLA conference, a $100 gift certificate to the NYLA store and winner acknowledgement on the NYLA website. The other award is the Proquest Intellectual Freedom Award. Each nominee may be an individual, a group of individuals, or an organization.The nominee should be involved in an activity affecting information access in New York and each nominee’s efforts will have furthered the cause of intellectual freedom in the state. The winner will be recognized in news releases.